Wedding dress several fabric knowledge

Ice yarn: the grid is relatively thick, reflective uniform, moderate hardness, mostly used as cover yarn covering the main fabric.

Basic knowledge of wedding dress fabric, yarn through Europe (Ou Gensha)

Ou Gen yarn, also known as Eugen yarn, also called Ke Gensha, who has also written to Europe through the European yarn; yarn (Ou Gensha) and a name: NT213.

English Name: Organza; pronunciation: [[ɔ:'gænzə]


Transparent or translucent veil, more coverage in the Duanbu or silk (Silk) above.

French wedding gauze designed with Eugen as the main raw material. Ingredients: 100% pol, 100% nalon and polyester and nylon, polyester and rayon, nylon and rayon, etc.. Eugen is the elegant yarn, very thin and transparent, feel slightly stiff, suitable for Peng profile material. The price of imported Eugen yarn is much higher than the domestic, mostly for higher grades of wedding or foreign trade wedding.

Basic knowledge of wedding dress fabric

And satin mature, elegant relative, the yarn is young, lively, elegant. A lot of yarn varieties, classification methods are different, the general method of the textile industry is on its way to the textile fiber twisting and classification. As the main introduction of the wedding fabric knowledge, so the gauze gauze gauze in common to give you a basic concept. Generally divided into: crystal yarn, yarn through Europe (Ou Gensha), ice yarn, color yarn, glass yarn, pearl yarn, snow yarn, yarn mesh, georgette (Xue Fang), Europe (Genduan is actually a sort of yarn)

The characteristics of the fabric: the use of variety, can be used to do the main fabric, but also can be used as accessories to the local, soft and elegant texture, to show the romantic beauty of the hazy, suitable for all seasons.

Suitable style: the atmosphere of the layered style design, Princess Palace style. Can be used in a large area of the long tail on the wedding, if a tight style, can be used as a simple gauze mask covering the main fabric.