Textile fabric and accessories development domain knowledge

1, the fabric of silk protein production line

Protein fiber production line the successful trial of Henan province Suiping Huakang Biological Engineering Co. ltd.. This kind of silk protein is similar to that of natural silk, and its properties and uses can be used instead of silk. By searching the relevant information, this product fills the gap at home and abroad, is a breakthrough in protein spinning technology. According to experts and authoritative testing agencies, the fabric of silk protein multiple physiochemical indexes can be compared with silk, especially the color fastness, bright color and anti crepe and anti UV ability than silk, and the absorbent can be adjusted, the fabric of silk protein can also with hemp, cotton, Mao Hunfang, widely. Experts believe that this new type of textile raw materials at home and abroad have good market prospects.

2, dyeable composite conductive fiber

By the Shenzhen City, the new design and Engineering Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Textile Research Institute of the national science and technology projects undertaken - dyeable composite conductive fiber recently in Wuxi by the state textile industry bureau. Conductive fiber is a kind of antistatic property can also play at very low temperatures, special fiber also has washing resistance, anti friction performance, mainly used for carpets, explosion-proof, clean, sterile clothes and paper with blankets etc.. Industrial fiber products in the field of the use of anti-static conductive fiber, the conveyor belt, rope, cloth, filter cloth, filter cloth products such as dust, dust explosion, prevent the clogging, sparkproof discharge. In view of the previous development of conductive fiber dyeing difficulties, the project has a certain practicality, has developed a khaki, polyester silk, linen, knitted gloves, wool tweed, wool tweed, anti-static products, and put into production.