Eugen offers three different processes of oil and water repellent fabrics

Characteristics of oil and water repellent fabric:

We usually in the daily operation of industrial will inevitably encounter all kinds of oil, sewage, chemical liquid etc.. These liquids are also harmful to the human body of heavy metals or other chemical elements, if the direct contact with the skin and even cause different degrees of poisoning of the human body.

Oil proof waterproof fabric is also called "breathable fabric", is a kind of PU coating or film after collecting oil proof, waterproof, breathable and warm performance in one of the functional fabric, which can resist the intrusion of rain and dirt, and can let the body heat and sweat to be discharged, so as to maintain the human body dry, warm and comfortable.

Special testing production of oil and water repellent fabric has excellent waterproof and moisture permeability, by authoritative testing organizations SGS and ITS detection, water resistance can reach to more than 10000 MM, moisture permeability can reach 8000g/ square meters for 24 hours.

At present, we provide three different processes of oil and water repellent fabrics:

1, dry hydrophilic waterproof breathable PU coating

2, wet micro porous waterproof PU coating

3, composite film (TPU, PU, PTFE)

Main uses: jacket, ski suit, mountaineering, fishing, sailing clothing, military uniforms, overalls, uniforms, motorcycle safety raincoat.

At present, the market is warm fabric development season, many companies are in the autumn and winter next year with the development of thermal underwear, socks, pants, jackets, etc..