Brand story

Jiaxing Shengrong Textile Co., Ltd. is located in Jiaxing Huzhou plain, known as the "Silk City" reputation. At the same time, is located in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou, the center of the triangle economic zone, strategic location, convenient transportation. Advanced production equipment, first-class technical personnel and professional marketing team for the company's sustainable development has laid a solid foundation.

Jiaxing Shengrong Textile Co., Ltd. has advanced production equipment, first-class technical staff and professional marketing team. The company mainly produces all kinds of curtain yarn, gift bags, as well as all kinds of pearl yarn, Ke Gensha, glass yarn, crystal yarn, snow yarn, gold and silver silk yarn, gold and silver yarn, colored yarn, flash yarn and other textile products.

  • Core team

  • Enterprise development 3, 5 years, relying on the opportunity to develop to the past 10 years, relying on the team, to develop more than 10 years to rely on corporate culture. A good corporate culture, can open vision, the core team is more bound to follow the business. Enterprise management is ultimately the human factor, so the final return cause management failure to use the wrong person. Therefore, the most important step to build the core team is to choose the right people --- people's moral quality and values.
    • Wang Zhen Tian Jiangjin village in Jiaxing city

    • TEL:0573-83803788



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